quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2007


This piano was made for a group project of an animation with some fellows from the calango class at OZI, but 3 members of the crew got a full-time job and another one moved to Goiania, so we archived the work. I found it would be nice to finish the piano and still have some portifolio. Maybe I will make a smaller script and do some animation with the piano after the ascending and descending work not to spoil the work I did in it.

sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2007

Some traditional art

Some of these works are a little old, but I just love them like as if they were part of me.

In fact, they are.

Ascending and descending

Now I can finally show some of the work I have been doing these days I am making to try finishing it before going to Canada. The hardest part was composing the scene and making it convincing it's only 3d. I'll soon post some of the progress pictures too.

sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2007

Calango is now on the Youtube!

The embed link is not working here, but you can have a look in this page:


terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2007

Character creation Workshop


I've been for two weeks through some intensive classes about character creation with Fernando Faria, on Photoshop and using a tablet. I'm still not used with tablets, but that's what I've got. This is also my first speed painting challenge, and surely not the last.
The task:
We were miming a normal advertising routine: a client with no clear idea of what he wanted, and we had to take the job.
It had to be a cartoon character (also one of my first characters in the cartoon style) and it had to be (on our own interpretation of the words):
- "Fashionable", "trendy", "media" style
- Magic
- Big eyed
- Big legged
- Ironic
- A glutton
- Punk hair style
He's a fashionable magic as he looks like a Simpson, dresses like harry potter, wears nike shox tennis shoes and plays basketball. He's a magic glutton as he is from a religion of donut worshipers and his magic wand is a magic spoon ans he's fat. The ironic part goes with his pants and the heart decorated underwear. The punk hair style, I did it on the helmet.

quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2007

Calango until now

Here is a list of where Calango has been and the prizes we won (until now):

Anima Mundi:
Best animation done in class - 3rd place
Best Brazilian animation in class

Mosca (Cambuquira festival):
Best animation

Festivals we were invited to:
Cine Ceará XVII
Fortaleza, CE, Brazil - June 1st > june 8th, 2007

Anima Mundi XV
Rio de Janeiro, RJ - June 29th > July 8th
São Paulo, SP - July 11th > July 15th
Brazil, 2007

Florianopolis youth movie festival (Mostra Infantil de Florianópolis)
Florianópolis, SC, Brazil - June 29th > July 15th

Cambuquira "Mosca" festival III
Cambuquira, MG, Brazil - July 11th > July 15th, 2007

Gramado animation festival II (Granimado)
Gramado, RS, Brazil - August 10th > August 12th, 2007

São Paulo International short film Festival XVIII (Festival Internacional de Curta-metragens de São paulo)
São Paulo, SP, Brazil - August 23rd > September 1st, 2007

Santos short movies festival V, São Paulo (Curta Santos 2007)
Santos, SP, Brazil - September 17th > September 22nd, 2007

Animadrid VII
Madrid, Spain - September 17th > September 22nd, 2007

Barcas S/A CineMutante Cultural movie project (Projeto Cultural CineMutante Barcas S/A)

Cabo frio Shorts festival (Mostra de Curtas de Cabo Frio)
Cabo Frio, RJ, Brazil

Culture Shorts São Paulo (Curta Cultura em São Paulo)
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Interviews to Globo Television (with our director, Alexandre Camargo):




Jornal da Globo


Calango in IMDB:

Some reviews about our movie:

Cine latino americano.org (spanish)

Cinema com rapadura (portuguese)

Our making of on the brazilian magazine digital designer (portuguese):

terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2007

Anima mundi!

We won two prizes in Anima Mundi!
I'll soon post some photos here.
We got the third place in the animation in class category and the prize for best brazilian animation.
We also were the only brazilian group to receive a prize in the animation in class category.

Thanks for all who believed in our work!

High hopes,
Tom Andersen

segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2007

Well, I´ve just began this blogger the other day and haven´t posted anything yet, so let´s begin:

I've worked on this movie: http://www.calangofilme.com.br/

And now I'm working on the CGchallenge Strange behaviour.

I'll post some of my new art here soon :)

A little something from the Calango movie:

I've also been to Ceará showing this movie in cineceará